At the sources level, people use soil and forests for their livelihood and day to day affairs. What is required is to link this to the drying up of water through an awareness programme coupled with a proper livelihood initiative so people are able to make the connection and protect their rivers by protecting the ecosystems they so heavily depend on.

What is proposed is that the people of the region using their own artisan skills to create a livelihood option for themselves which makes them less dependent on forests and soil. This will create a situation where not only environmental sustainability but also economic sustainability is achieved., but also environmental sustainability is also achieved.

Products to be developed



Home Products


Bamboo Cane Products


Pickles and Jams


Opportunities exist to create “Value addition” by pivoting the production of these products into other applications that are attractive to markets in the global context through business development plan.

Project 1

Project 2

Project 3

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