An initiative to protect the rivers through some strategic measures in the Indian Sub Continental areas – North East India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh.





The difficult habitat of these areas force people to excessively depend on the forests and mountain for sustenance. In the absence of other livelihoods, people are dependent on the natural ecosystem.

This is leading depletion of forests, reduction in soil fertility and over use of the natural resources.

This has a direct impact on the rivers of the area.The source of riverwater is diminishing, and river water flow is declining. Sixty percent of water in the smaller streams has dried in the last two decades.

Additionallyextreme summers and climate change can be attributed to the reduction in waters from the rivers making the situation. environmentally non-sustainable.

Save the River Sources is an initiative of a few like minded people to help protect the rivers trough an alternative sustainable livelihoods programme for the the people dependent on forests and mountains for the sustenance.

The vision of the organization is to create small and micro-business of artisans who are already competent in crafts of the area and are presently only using these skills for domestic purposes.

These micro businesses are then linked to the larger markets (i.e., global, national, regional, and/or local) ……Read more





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